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Jagoda 👋
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    Receive tutoring in over 30+ school subjects

    We offer tutoring in over 30+ school subjects. We always consider the current curricula when solving tasks. Simply choose the subject you want to improve in. We explain every topic in detail, and appropriate exercise tasks are already available for you. Our approach promotes self-directed learning, supported by artificial intelligence.

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    Tutoring in 20+ native languages

    If you're new to Germany and don't yet speak German, we'll solve the task for you in German and in your native language. We offer tutoring in over 20+ languages.

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    Learning support that adapts to every task for you.

    Your individual AI tutoring adjusts to your school and grade level when answering your homework and learns with every request. We not only present you with the solution but also the steps to get there. After each answer, you have the opportunity to ask additional questions to understand the topic more deeply. Your AI tutoring is available around the clock and promotes your independent learning.

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    Soon it will be possible to photograph your homework. Simply upload the photo to our platform and select the area that needs to be solved.

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